"Music is a therapy. It is a communication far more powerful than words" (Yehudi Menuhin)
"Music is a therapy. It is a communication far more powerful than words" (Yehudi Menuhin)

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Sub State

Juno EXC : 22nd Jan 2018

RELEASE: 5th Feb 2018

Press Release – DMT002

  1. Sub State - The Swamp

  2. Sub State - Outer Space

  3. Sub State - Ramen House

Sub State is a multi-faceted producer who’s spent time fashioning his darkly manifesting cuts to produce a whole spectrum of dance music genres, never finding himself placed within the confines of one realm and instead dipping his skill set into a host of platforms, whether that’s drum & bass or dubstep. And for his next release the New Zealand based producer draws on his vast range of influences to present a three-track ‘Swamp Lands’ EP which demonstrates his expert appeal – from ‘The Swamp’ through to ‘Ramen House’, Sub State smashes the boundaries set up before him and instead takes you down to the dirty depths of his production standard. With the help of label Dub Music Therapy, renowned for only bringing through the heaviest of bass sounds, Sub State provides you with a set of records to begin your weekend.


‘The Swamp’ begins with a meandering introduction, one which steps between quaking bass riddims and steppy note patterns, drawing you further and further into a drop which is understated and rattles with percussion. ‘The Swamp’ is built with heavyweight LFO bass, crackling its distortion alongside its weighty subs and intimidating vocal samples. Next comes ‘Outer Space’, an extraterrestrial riddim which is just as punchy, one which channels the same intimidating aptitude shown throughout the EP’s entirety and cuts deeper with every lumbering segment. It’s the dubstep which made the genre so revered within its field; Sub State appeals to the underground and this shows even on first listen.


‘Ramen House’ finishes the EP, bringing a moodily brooding collection of records together for an epitomic finale. ‘Ramen House’ steps heavily with each stabbing progression, becoming more and more intimidating as the record comes into play. It’s a track which creates a vision of eerily lit nightclubs and clouded dancefloors, the type which have become a centre point for dance music since the beginning. And that’s where Sub State reigns supreme, proving that his music still remains a pinnacle for those types of DJ sets. Sub State isn’t afraid to enter uncharted territory, but on listening to the ‘Swamp Lands’ EP it’s easy to see that he knows his roots.





Press Release – DMT001


1.    SubState feat. Khiva - Her

2.    SubState - Recover

3.    SubState - Lush


Since the formative years of watching his friends Matiflow djing, and spending years behind the scenes at gigs, electronic music producer SubState decided it was time to get involved with the genres he loved growing up. This is something he’s never looked back on, as it would go on to instate his place within the scene. Taking influence from some of the industries biggest players, including Truth, Deep Medi and Mala, his family at Revolve helped push him further out into the spotlight. With a wide-ranging repertoire which has stretched from drum & bass to dubstep, he would soon start playing alongside the likes of Matiflow, Soulflex, Optimus and Gryme. And this has led to a release on the notorious Dub Music Therapy imprint, well known for an already stringent commitment to the bass weight sounds of the underground.


Created solely to dedicate themselves to the foundations of UK sound system music, Dub Music Therapy have pushed through a variety of bpms and presented the perfect platform for Substate’s records. Providing listeners with the full 360 of sound system music, from dub, dubstep to reggae and jungle, they’ve stayed true to their authenticity and brought an array of genres into their roster.


The Konneckt EP from SubState is just as diverse, bringing with him the talented featuring artist Khiva for his first offering. ‘Her’ lumbers with its booming subs, slowly winding up and bringing in lofty beat patterns for a crumbling, chaotic record. Next up comes ‘Recover’, a twisted hole of sonic with the same vibe, rolling forward on a carefully manufactured construction line of rhythmic swaying and weighty bass. Then finally, SubState switches it up for ‘Lush’. Providing a lighter feel, but also keeping the stockier elements which have become a signature of his production, SubState pulls you into his full musical spectrum, flexing his versatility as an artist.


Wrapping all three tracks together, you have a well-rounded delivery, one which is sure to stand out and help pedestal SubState as one of Dub Music Therapy’s most exciting prospects. Substate is continuing to grow, but if this EP is anything to go by, it’s looking to be a huge year for both him and the imprint.


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