"Music is a therapy. It is a communication far more powerful than words" (Yehudi Menuhin)
"Music is a therapy. It is a communication far more powerful than words" (Yehudi Menuhin)


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Dub Music Therapy


1st January 2016 - 1st DMT Sub.FM show 8-10pm GMT


8th January 2016 - Sub.FM 8-10pm GMT *SPECIAL GUEST MIX BY ECHO PUSHER*


15th January 2016 - Website and Social media release


March 2016 - Jay RootZ releases DMT Concepts 001, the first instalment of mixes from Dub Music Therapy. Taking you on a journey and giving you the 360° in Sound System Music. Tunes new and old for your listening pleasure..


09th April 2016 - Don't forget to check out the archives for our fortnightly Sub.FM show @ www.mixcloud.com/dubmusictherapy


30th May 2016 - DMT Concepts 002 mixed by Heavy Traffic Radio LB and Konfusion


06th Feb 2017 - Dub Music Therapy are proud to announce our first release coming from across the pond in New Zealand an Artist known as......


Official Release Date:




Konneckt E.P

Realease Date: 25/05/17


Check below for clips:




Forthcoming DMT 001 - SubState - Konneckt E.P Release Date; TBC

Dec 2017 - In comes the Sub State Reppin' the DMT Camp once again with the Swamp Lands E.P Juno EXC : 22nd Jan 2018 and worldwide RELEASE: 5th Feb 2018.

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